BiomimX is a pioneer in the generation of predictive models of human organs and pathologies that will revolutionize the way to test new drugs. Integrating 3D cell culture and mechanical stimulation, BiomimX proposes the next generation of beating organs-on-chips, leading to more reliable, fast responsive and affordable pre-clinical models for screening drug benefit and safety.

uBEAT - the beating organ-on-chip technology

uBeat patented technology provides 3D cell constructs with a controlled and tunable mechanical stimulation. uBeat integrates the native mechanical microenvironment in your in vitro models, allowing to recapitulate human organs’ function with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy.

biomimx's HEART-ON-CHIP

uHeart is a miniaturized model of a functional  and beating human heart on a chip. uHeart is the ideal platform to screen drug cardiotoxicity as early as possible in the drug discovery pipeline.

Biomimx srl

BiomimX S.r.l is a Spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, developer of beating organs-on-chip platforms designed as drug screening tools. The company platform supports 3D cell co-culture and integrates a controlled and tunable mechanical stimulation, leading to the generation of mature and functional miniaturized organs adequate to test compounds toxicity/functionality in a high-throughput fashion. The company organs’ portfolio comprises uBeat, an human heart-on-chip, and uKnee, a model of human osteoarthritic joint.


drug discovery

BiomimX provides advanced models for paradigmatic pathologies where treatments are absent or limited by poor prediction of existing preclinical models.

drug safety

BiomimX's beating heart on a chip, behaves like a human heart tissue. uHeart holds the capacity to reliably detect drug cardiac adverse effects where existing 2D cell culture and animal testing models currently fail.

Precision organ models

Future developments of in vitro preclinical tools include envisioned personalized medicine approaches, where candidate compounds and therapies are screened on disease- and, ultimately, patient-specific models.

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