BiomimX offers a broad range of human pathophysiological models on a chip, though to be the next generation in vitro preclinical tools for drug discovery.


uHeart is a miniaturized model of a functional  and beating human heart on a chip. uHeart is the ideal platform to screen drug cardiotoxicity as early as possible in the drug discovery pipeline.

Cardiac construct generated from cardiomyocytes derived from human iPSCs

Comparison of cardiac constructs trained with uBeat technology vs a static control

Thanks to BiomimX's technology uBeat, a mechanical training phase resembling the heart beating is applied to uHeart, leading within few days to the generation of a mature human cardiac tissue.

Cardiac construct on drugs

uHeart becomes thus able to respond to drugs as close as the human heart would do, becoming the ideal platform to screen drug cardiotoxicity and anti-arrhythmic drug efficiency. uHeart is indeed able to respond to drugs in a dose-dependent fashion.

uHeart can provide measurement of the key function of the heart to understand changes in heart beating rate, structural toxicity and electrical activities.


uKnee is the first in vitro miniaturized model of a human osteoarthritic (OA) cartilage. uKnee will be a pioneering tool helping to speed up the discovery for anti-OA drugs.

Cartilaginous construct generated from human healthy articular chondrocytes

uKnee is a miniaturized model of a cartilage on chip. Thanks to BiomimX's technology uBeat, a mechanical overload resembling the OA pathological conditions is applied to uKnee, leading within few days to the generation of an OA-like tissue with a phenotype and genotype correlating with OA clinical evidences.


uKnee can thus be used to test the efficiency of potential new anti-OA candidates to reverse the pathology, being the first in vitro platform able to replicate OA disease.

uKnee provides measurement of the key conditions of OA, including anabolic-catabolic balance changes, occurrence of inflammation, production of matrix degrading enzymes and changes in key molecular pathways.


Our organ-on-chip technolgy is ideal for the generation of most 3D in vitro models. High-throughput and mechanical stimulation offer unique features in drug screening and precision modeling.

3D modelof human mesenchymal stromal cells

We develop healthy and diseased organ models that are tailored to your requirements. Combining your specific biological knowledge and questions with our unique technology uBeat and our expertise in developing miniaturized in vitro models, we will offer you the possibility to develop unique models both for applied drug development and basic research studies on human disease mechanisms or organ developmental processes.


We look forward to work with you!

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