uBeat patented technology provides 3D cell constructs with a controlled and tunable mechanical stimulation. uBeat integrates the native mechanical microenvironment in your in vitro models, allowing to recapitulate human organs’ function with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy.

The mechanical stimulation provided by uBeat technology is tunable and customizable to fit different organ models. By changing few geometrical features of the design, uniaxial strain and/or confined compression can be achieved.

uBeat - the best way to control mechanical stimulation at the microscale

Uniaxial strain

uBeat technology allows to apply a controlled, uniform and uniaxial strain to 3D cell constructs within a microscaled platform

Confined compression

uBeat technology allows to apply a controlled, pure and confined compression to 3D cell constructs within a microscaled platform

3D cell culture

BiomimX's platform allows for the generation and culturing of miniaturized 3D cell culture models. Thanks to a user-friendly seeding procedure, as easy as seeding your cells in a standard culture plate, 3D cell constructs can be obtained within BiomimX's platform. Our platform is compatible with any cell type, any hydrogel pre-polymer and easily associated with standard lab equipment.

Mid- to high- throughput organs on chip

BiomimX developed a unique mid-throughput technology, integrating multiple, completely independent culture chambers seeded all in one step. Mid-throughput technology is ideal for testing the dose-dependent response of  molecules in a single device, with minimal waste of cells and reagents.

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