Cardiac Safety

uHeart is the ideal platform to screen drug cardiotoxicity as early as possible in the drug discovery pipeline. BiomimX® offers services for screening biomolecules’ cardiotoxicity on uHeart model.

Cartilage Drug Efficacy

uKnee is a pioneering tool helping to speed up the discovery for anti-OA drugs and medical devices. BiomimX® offers screening services to assess the efficacy of biomolecules / medical devices (e.g., visco-supplements) to reduce joint pain or OA-derived inflammation processes. The screening service is led on our validated uKnee model

Medical Device Assessment

BiomimX® beating organs on chip are the ideal platforms to assess in vitro the efficacy of new medical device (MD) before undergoing long and expensive clinical trials, in line with the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR (EU)2017/745).

BiomimX® offers services for testing MD efficacy inside its clinically relevant in vitro models built ad hoc within uBeat® Platform.



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