Stefano Piazza, MD

Junior R&D Engineer

Stefano Piazza is Junior R&D engineer at BiomimX® since 2019. He obtained his Biomaterials & Biomechanics Biomedical engineering master degree in October ’19 at Politecnico di Milano. During his master thesis project he worked for one year on the development and validation of a microfluidic device for the realization of in vitro physio-pathological 3D cardiac models. He acquired expertise on the design and production techniques of organs-on-chips as well as on cell-culture basis, especially on h-iPSCs, since he spent 6 months at Unit of Vascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine of IRCCS Centro Cardiologico Monzino working on human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes.

On the R&D side, at BiomimX®, he takes care of design optimization, quality control and industrialization of microfluidic platforms and development of control systems.  On the Business side, he regularly conducts marketing customer and competitor analysis, and interfaces with clients and collaborators. Also, he manages BiomimX® digital and social media communication. His main interest is the optimization of a final innovative drug-screening product, complete with high throughput platform and advanced control systems, ready to be placed on the big pharmaceutical market.