uHeart BiomimX

uHeart is a miniaturized model of a functional and beating human heart on a chip developed within uBeat® Stretch. Thanks to uBeat®, a mechanical training phase resembling the heart beating is applied to human cardiac cells cultured in 3D. Within few days, the generation of a mature human cardiac tissue, spontaneously and synchronously beating is achieved.

uHeart can provide measurement of the key function of the heart to understand changes in heart beating rate, structural toxicity and electrical activities.

uHeart is indeed able to respond to drugs in a dose-dependent fashion, as close as the human heart would do, resulting the ideal platform to screen drug cardiotoxicity and anti-arrhythmic drug efficiency.

uHeart immunofluorescence BiomimX
uBeat® mechanical training induces a synchronous beating in the whole microtissue

By culturing cardiomyocytes with supportive fibroblasts for 7 days within uBeat® Stretch, a cardiac microtissue exhibiting cells with elongated morphology and typical sarcomeric striations (cardiac Troponin I staining) is obtained. 

uBeat® mechanical training induces a synchronous beating in the whole microtissue

uBeat® mechanical training resembling the heart-like physiological stretching (i.e. 10%) results essential to obtain a cardiac tissue reaching an unprecedented level of maturation and functionality.

uECG allows the on-line monitoring of the cardiac electrophysiological parameters

Thanks to uECG, the measurement of electrophysiological parameters characterizing the cultured cardiac microtissue is monitored on-line in a non-invasive manner. uBeat® stretch integrated with uECG offers a unique tool to capture the effect of drugs on cardiac electrical activity.