Our products allow you to build your own beating Organ-on-Chip model following our culture guidelines, but leaving you the freedom to apply your preferred experimental setup in terms of cells and culture conditions.

uBeat® Platform​


uBeat® Platform

uBeat® Platform supports the culture of three independent 3D microtissue models within a single device. uBeat® Platform is able to provide a controlled mechanical stimulation to the microtissues by means of the patented uBeat® technology. Specifically, uBeat® Platform features hanging posts, whose geometrical characteristics identify different product types such as uBeat® Stretch and uBeat® Compress.

uBeat® Stretch


uBeat® Stretch is able to provide uniaxial stretching deformation. It is suitable for culturing all those tissues that experience stretching stimulations in vivo (i.e., heart, tendon, muscle..).

Available version:
  • uBeat® Stretch10 (10% deformation)

uBeat® Compress


uBeat® Compress is able to provide specific levels of confined compression. It is suitable for culturing all those tissues that experience compression stimulations in vivo (i.e., cartilage, bone, tooth ..). 

Available version:
  • uBeat® Compress10 (10% deformation)
  • uBeat® Compress30 (30% deformation)

Other versions of these Platforms, in terms of deformation intensity, are available upon request!



uCase is a multiwell-plate compatible holder to culture up to four uBeat® Platforms, which means 12 micro-constructs.

uCase is compatible with all versions of uBeat® Stretch and uBeat® Compress, as well as with their combination (e.g. to compare the effect of different mechanical stimulations within the same experiment). 

uCase design allows to mechanically stimulate each platform as well as to optically monitor the cultures in a sterile manner.


BiomimX cell culture KIT includes 12 uBeat® Platforms and one sterile uCase



uBox is the control system able to provide the mechanical stimulation to each uBeat® Platform. By connecting a pressurized air source to the uCase, uBox allows the operator to choose among several patterns (characterized by frequency, duty cycle and on-off timing values) or even to create personalized ones, with a customizable level of complexity.