Explore the horizons of your research.
We can look for common ground and collaborate in new exciting projects.

  • New human microtissues and complex diseases: explore our uBeat®technology and exploit our team’s know-how to build up a wide spectrum of new biological models. We develop the most suitable in-vitro human microtissues and assays to improve your understanding of human complex pathophysiology to unlock solutions tailored for your applications.


  • Beyond small molecules, towards the future of advanced therapies: fully exploit BiomimX®’s solutions towards the development of drugs with innovative functionality. Our versatile uBeat-powered human models offer unique set-up to screen a variety of products, from small molecules to advanced biologics. Stand ready with us for the new era of therapeutics.


  • In vitro twins: get the opportunity to develop patient-specific organ models. Don’t limit your vision and explore with BiomimX®’s team the best solution to stratify your patients and design suitable treatment towards the concept of “clinical trials on chip”. Be ready with us for the near personalized medicine future.


  • Blue-sky projects: we strongly believe in a collaborative approach to maximize the impact that science and technology can have in solving the challenges of tomorrow. Beating organs-on-chip are already impacting drug development. Integration with other exciting cutting-edge technologies (such as artificial intelligence, omics, augmented reality…) will further project their impact towards a broader future. Do you want to know more about our futuristic vision? Contact us!