Paola Occhetta

CEO, Co-Founder

Roberta Visone


Stefano Piazza

R&D Product Engineer

Ferran Lozano Juan

Junior R&D Engineer

Caterina Pernici

Junior R&D Product Engineer

Marco Rasponi

President, Co-Founder

Alberto Redaelli

Scientific Advisor, Co-Founder

External Advisors

Alfredo Pascali


Fabrizio Bacchi

Business Advisor

Internship Students

Sara Sitta

Master Student

Sara Sitta is completing a Master of Science in Biomaterials & Biomechanics Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
She joined BiomimX®️ in February 2021, to carry out her master thesis based on the production of microfluidic platforms able to simulate mechanism of tissue fibrosis in vitro.

Past Internship Students

Sara Corbetta

Sara Corbetta

Sara worked on the realization of a 3D model of cardiac fibrosis and on the validation of a new microfluidic platform to acquire cardiac electrical signals.

Martina Pezzuto

Martina Pezzuto

Martina worked on the qualification of a 3D model of cardiac fibrosis in different context of uses such as drug screening and advanced therapeutics applications.

Luca Rigamonti

Luca Rigamonti

Luca worked on the validation of a microfluidic platform for testing injectable medical devices (MD) on uKnee model, to fulfill the needs of MD companies with the coming of the EU MDR 2017/745.

Andrea Pigazzini

Andrea Pigazzini

Andrea worked on the upgrade of our uBox control system, to expand the versatility of our models and the complexity of mechanical stimuli.

Sara Sitta

Sara Sitta

Sara worked on a proof-of-concept 3D model of lung fibrosis induced through mechanical stimuli.