BiomimX® offers specialized services built on uBeat® Platform and tailored made to fit your specific application.


Profile Drugs, Medical Devices or Advanced Therapies in our qualified models to progress your candidate:

  • R&D phase and modeling disease mechanisms:  exploit our models to unravel molecular mechanisms of pathologies and provide insights on new potential therapeutic targets towards the development of drugs with innovative functionality.
  • Early non-regulated lead optimization phase: select the right molecules for the following expensive and time-consuming regulated preclinical phase based on the relevant and reliable efficacy and safety data from our models.
  • Preclinical-to-clinical trials translation: relying upon the similarity of our models to the human tissue environment, we can help in choosing which preclinical candidates to bring in clinical trial, when animal tests gives uncertain outcomes.
  • Drug Repurposing: take advantage of our models to identify new uses for approved or investigational drugs for a new scope with respect to the original medical indication.


Take a look to some examples of our basic services.


Do you need to model Brain? Lung? Bone? Liver? Gut? Kidney? Bladder? Eye? Tooth? Skin? Tendon? Muscle?

Exploit uBeat® technology to build up a wide spectrum of organ models. Explore with BiomimX® team the best solution to create a fit to purpose biological model capable to answer your questions. Find with us the ideal candidate for the treatments of the future.

Do you need to model a female male young old healthy diseased patient?

Exploit uBeat® technology to build up patient-specific organ models. Don’t limit your vision and Explore with BiomimX® team the best solution to stratify your patients and design suitable treatment to be ready for the near personalized medicine future.


This is the place where you can expand the horizons of your research.

Motion is part of every organ of our body: if you want to take the next step with us and integrate movement in your in vitro models we can look for common ground and collaborate in new exciting projects.